We are Be Digital Biz.

Over 25 years of hands-on technical experience in tech; from backend hosting to web design/development of business applications, eCommerce and websites.

Who we are.

We are a small dynamic company; employing specialists to deliver customer-focused solutions listening to your needs and budget. Our clients range from big to small, but common to each is their uniqueness. We don't just build websites, we craft solutions delivering results; from brand awareness, increased exposure,  sales lead generation,  and on-line sales.


Creative Director






Social Media


Creative Design is an art form of creative expression, be it a rough sketch or drawing, or for that matter drawing with light such as photography or manipulating the pixels with photoshop, we take the tools at hand to create an image that reflects your business image and persona. Your image is unique to you, and is a reflection of your company.


Strategy - is a plan of action to achieve your goal. So before we devise a plan, we listen and learn about your business; from our initial conversation we learn about your business goals and construct a proposal outlining how to achieve and measure results. What is the purpose of the web application, site and what are we achieving is the question?


There are many devices for digital communication today. Your message needs to be clear on all these devices, from smartphone and tablet to desktop and email. Design must be responsive adapting to each device. User experience and content is critical, right message on the right device to get the right response. Call us today 646 657 8734.


We fulfill the strategy by targeting a crafted message with skilled delivery to your ideal audience. Using agreed upon "keywords", with a clear call to action to garner the desired customer response, while measuring and monitoring the response,  constantly adjusting and refining, always listening to customer feedback to boost sales.

How we work.

1 Call us to schedule an appointment to discuss your specific needs

2 We will provide you with a detailed proposal based on our initial discussion; with clear objectives and action steps including terms and milestones.

3 Launch your site; make it public, drive traffic and monitor success.